What the hell?!

OK! So .. new site, still work in progress!

  • POCAST! Ok so Artist Insight Series is back, in a slightly different format, this allows me to do a lot of things, one is update it more frequently (I’m hoping to release podcasts weekly or bi-weekly) as well as do a lot of different things, covering a lot of great stuff and not just interviews. This is going to be something I will be doing a lot of, so keep an eye out in the coming days!
  • Ā Tutorials and all the cool stuff, all 200+ videos and everything else will be back online in the coming days, PLEASE have patience!
  • Lots of updates coming, I mean I’ve been living under a rock (called Halo! (making cinematics at Blur, not playing it, I wish I got to play Halo!) LOTS of cool content coming, you have no idea! I promise!! šŸ™‚
  • There’s lots of cool stuff, just keep in mind the stuff missing WILL BE BACK I repeat THE VIDEOS THAT ARE NOT UP (200+ of them!) WILL BE BACK! give me a couple of days!!Ā 
  • The site will be changing and reshaping too, this is definitely all work in progress, I personally loved the old design but I just personally found it a little slow to navigate, so I want this to be fast and painless, and a great resource for everything you need!

That’s it for now, any questions – email me! amckay@allanmckey.elegance.work

Thanks guys!



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