Want to write your own FX tools?

Previously I’ve mentioned saving pflow presets which has been a real time saver, but what if you want to delve into building an fx pipeline where you literally put in the controls, the object you want to have your FX applied to etc. all in your own custom interface? This is something that I any many others have been doing for years, building blackboxes for FX.

This video we don’t go too deep into the whole process, however rest assured there will be some more videos coming that do. In this video we more just cover the first few steps of building an interface and choosing a custom object to apply your effects to. As well as building a preset file which we can read into our scene and then modify through our script. This is the first steps in the process, but I’m sure many of you will watch this video and then take this concept and build way further beyond the intended steps using this approach. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

More to come soon on this subject, as well as a few big announcements coming next month so stay posted!

Make sure you’re using the ensharpen codec. Also VLC is recommended as the prefered video player

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