Procedural Maps & Modeling Talk

Here you can find a tutorial for 3d studio max on procedural mapping and modeling

I’m currently in San Francisco working on a new film after just returning from Los Angeles last week where I worked on a new game cinematic with a few ex Blur Studio guys which was a lot of fun

I’ve put together another quick tutorial just discussing layering procedural maps together and piping into geometry etc. You cand find it below

I have a lot of new stuff I will be putting up soon, most of the tutorials I’ve been putting together lately are more technical exercises on using features inside of max, and on scripting etc. However I will be doing a lot of practical exercises, stuff like blowing things up in max, and using rayfire, krakatoa, box 2, thinking particles etc. Loads of stuff to come, but again any ideas for specific things you want to see please go ahead an email me – I have been getting a lot of great emails about great ideas for FX topics, and yes Rayfire is definitely a big one!

Procedural Maps & Modeling Talk 1 from Allan McKay on Vimeo.

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