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Ok there’s lots of cool news coming up. But something cool I’m PSYCHED to announce is I’ve finally finished Core Fundamentals. Most of my friends have been aware that I’ve been working on this forever. And besides spending precious Friday nights at the bar, I’ve been working on this 7 days a week for now almost 3 months. I stopped accepting work in December to take time off to solely focus on creating a Fume 2 DVD. But I ended up injecting more and more into this puppy. So It’s now become the biggest most Bad-Ass DVD to date. It’s 13 hours, and 70~ videos.

If you’re on my facebook page you’re probably aware I’ve held a few polls and asked people what they wanted covered, and I’ve pretty much just kept adding more and more to this. Right now as it stands it’s 2 DVD’s, which is the first time I’ve ever made a 2 Disc Set.

More importantly – FumeFXTraining.com is a new website I will be launching soon, and it will be a collaborative effort between myself and a few artists at Sony Imageworks, Digital Domain and a few other studios. I would like it to be the home for a lot of the new tutorials and videos I build for Fume FX, as well as the rest of the team too. There will be some big announcements leading up to it’s formal launch, as well as loads of cool videos specifically made for FumeFXTraining.com!

So I’m off to celebrate! And then hopefully get some sleep 🙂

Thanks everyone, I feel so lucky to be a part of such a great industry, and visual effects community that we’re all part of. And to get to interact with so many of the talented people in this industry that I work with daily. It’s really inspiring to see all the amazing things all of you come up with!

Game Developers Conference – San Francisco

Anyone attending GDC in San Francisco, I will be flying up Sunday>Wednesday, so feel free to email me if you want to meet up for some beers! I have an odd 40 or so people I have to see so I’ll most likely just try to organize an event for Monday or Tuesday night.

Attention Subscribers!

Everyone subscribed to the link up the top right, you’ll need to re-subscribe, I’ve recently changed over to a new feed so resubscribe if you wish to receive notice when there is updates to this website up the top right corner of the page!

Judging VFX Wars 2

I will be a Judge on VFX Wars 2 coming up, more info to come.


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