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Legacy MaxScripts (lots new ones to come)

Bake Transforms Simple tutorial to bake object transforms out to another object. Great when you have parented objects, and you need to bake the children out to a fresh new keyframed object with no parenting. Download here: AMcKay_BakeTransform_v003.ms Bake Verts Animation Select a bunch of vertices, run the script – it will create dummies that […]

FX Workshop + Fume FX 2 Auto Sim Script

Fume FX 2.0 Auto Script v1.0 So this is more a 5 minute thing I wrote for my own uses, however I posted this on a few forums and a lot of people have gone crazy for it. So I’m releasing it publically for anyone who needs it. It’s written ‘as is’ but I find […]


San Francisco April-June Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last update, it’s been killer busy the past 4 weeks. GDC was a big success, and currently in the middle of wrapping on a few commercials before I jump up to San Francisco next week for Michael Bay’s latest film So anyone in San […]

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