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Generating initial object data via pflow & maxscript

New MaxScript introductory tutorial on mixing particle flow and MaxScript together. The goal of this exercise is to physically control objects in the scene via particles. In this case we’re setting up a large quantity of objects to generate and be positioned ready for a dynamic simulation. This is more a theoretical exercise to get […]

Legacy FX Tutorials

Here you can find literally hours of content on Particle Flow, Fume FX, Afterburn, Dynamics, Compositing and other FX related material for 3D Studio Max. Before you download – nearly all of these use the camtasia techsmith codec you can download here These tutorials are labeled LEGACY as they are all pre 2009. As part […]

Particle UV Tutorial + VFX Boot Camp?

Locking textures to particles with Krakatoa So this again is more of a brief how to – but one of the most common questions I get asked is how to lock uv coordinates to particles, so for instance you can have a texture move and stay locked to each individual particle. So I’ve created this […]

Particle Tutorial and new Real Flow Workshop

Emitting from 3D Texture Volumes Tutorial New 3D Studio Max Tutorial on Particle Flow, discussing emitting particles to 3D procedural textures to build volumetric patterns for your initial particle emission Real Flow Workshop #2 NEW REAL FLOW WORKSHOP – SIGN UP NOW! CG Society’s Real Flow Workshop just finished this week, and it was a […]

pflow tools box 2 intro tutorial

tutorial for 3d studio max particle flow tools box 2 intro tutorial covering the basic concepts of box 2. More to come questions – email amckay@Allanmckay.com for ideas or requests etc. Thanks! -Allan McKay

Particle Flow and Fracturing Geometry

Fracture Geometry and Explode objects with Particle Flow in 3ds max. This tutorial covers destroying objects, scripting and bringing objects into particle flow to be dynamically animated.

emitting from 3D Texture Volumes

Quick example of emitting from 3D procedural textures to create volumetric patterns in 3D space. Useful for creating anything from fire to nebulas and other interesting effects. We also touch on baking out the initial positions to improve simulation/creation times, as well as piping this information into Krakatoa.

3D Studio Max 2010 presets

Here we take a look at 3D Studio Max’s new FX elements, over 100+ pflow sample files that ship with max to help give you ideas on how to build more robust effects. The sample files are relatively simple however structured to demonstrate a concept, which many of these are used on a much more […]

Taking advantage of Particle Flow Presets

Do you use particle flow presets? You probably should! This feature of max 2010 is often overlooked however it can be a real time saver, and can be used for a lot more than just particle flow set ups. In this video we just quickly dive in and show a few ways it can be […]

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