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Scripting your own FX preset tool

Previously we discuss pflow’s preset tool, but what if we want to make our own? And what if we want to give it controls so we can configure all our fx from an interface and hit a button to generate the desired effect? This is the introductory version, and we will look at building a […]

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VFX of God of War

More info to come – but please enjoy a video that was filmed at Mindtrek conference in Europe last year. I discuss how I created all of the ash visual effects for God of War.    

FUMEFX Workstation + Render Node Hardware Shopping List

So below, is an actual purchase order for my main PC workstation that I work on. There definitely ARE faster machines out there. However, I wanted to get a machine within a certain budget range that essentially would be the fastest of every item, within the most optimal price range. Ie. I didn’t just fork […]

Transformers VFX playblasts

So this is some OLD work from 2010 I believe? ANCIENT! Lots of playblasts of fx elements and other things, surprisingly this is less than half of the elements I built for these shots, pretty crazy amount of work went into this! I worked with Atomic Fiction in San Francisco on this, lots of fun! […]

Care to watch? VFX Pipeline Video

Hey everyone! So another video I’m putting out this week – as I promised! This is actually more to gauge everyone’s interest and see whether there are enough of you interested in this sort of thing before I go head first into developing a series of free videos on this subject and then find out […]

Maya FumeFX Feature Video Tutorial

Quick post! So I’m not sure if you’ve seen this already, but I’ve been working closely with the developers of FumeFX on new training for FumeFX Maya.  Click here to watch the video So this is a 1 hour long feature video, going over a lot of the core features of FumeFX. It’s more an […]

MAYA FumeFX Crash Course VIDEO

I’ll make this short and sweet! In anticipation of the Maya FumeFX Genesis launch next week in time for the holidays. I’m releasing a quick crash course video on Maya FumeFX! The video is short but to the point, it focuses on getting you into FumeFX as fast as possible inside of Maya’s interface. Showcasing […]

Legacy MaxScripts (lots new ones to come)

Bake Transforms Simple tutorial to bake object transforms out to another object. Great when you have parented objects, and you need to bake the children out to a fresh new keyframed object with no parenting. Download here: AMcKay_BakeTransform_v003.ms Bake Verts Animation Select a bunch of vertices, run the script – it will create dummies that […]

Afterburn 4.0 – Utilizing Explode Daemons

Level: Intermediate Still covering more basic subjects just to add some more introductory content. Here we go through one of many methods for creating explosions in 3D Studio Max. This one is designed to really show how to use the Explode Daemon in Afterburn 4 as well as create an explosion without any key frames […]

Wrapping Tasks UP

Very brief demo on building basic tasks such as in this case creating customized forces and wrapping them into a one-click process.Originally this was going to be just a 3-line script, however I thought I would present it like this as it might explain what I’m trying to get across a bit better.Anytime you’re doing […]

Generating initial object data via pflow & maxscript

New MaxScript introductory tutorial on mixing particle flow and MaxScript together. The goal of this exercise is to physically control objects in the scene via particles. In this case we’re setting up a large quantity of objects to generate and be positioned ready for a dynamic simulation. This is more a theoretical exercise to get […]

Up Up and Away!

New Maxscripts are up in the maxscript section. MaxScripts Section Just a couple, I have literally around 100 production level scripts that are pretty darn cool I’ve been wanting to put up, however right now they are tied to Catastrophic FX’s pipeline, so they need to be reworked a bit before they will work on […]

Legacy FX Tutorials

Here you can find literally hours of content on Particle Flow, Fume FX, Afterburn, Dynamics, Compositing and other FX related material for 3D Studio Max. Before you download – nearly all of these use the camtasia techsmith codec you can download here These tutorials are labeled LEGACY as they are all pre 2009. As part […]

Maxscript for beginners #1

Brand new tutorial in a series of Maxscript for beginners – here we introduce basic terminology and generating objects and managing them through basic mat and scripting lingo. This series is designed to move artists into more technical subjects easily and apply them to appropriate subjects for real production. Download Tutorial

Website Update + Afterburn 4.0 Tutorials

News update Hopefully none of you really notice this, but this site’s been completely rebuilt (again). Pretty much same design, just completely different content management system, so things like visits and other stuff have been reset. One key feature is comments now work, so feel free to supply comments on posts that are relative, it […]

Real Flow Basics – Introduction

As a lot of you know I’m putting a bit of time in now to focusing on some of the basic fundamentals of pflow/maya/real flow etc. I do have plans for a lot of advanced material coming up, but for the time being I’m putting together a few core tutorials on Real Flow, the first […]

Want to write your own FX tools?

Previously I’ve mentioned saving pflow presets which has been a real time saver, but what if you want to delve into building an fx pipeline where you literally put in the controls, the object you want to have your FX applied to etc. all in your own custom interface? This is something that I any […]

Particle UV Tutorial + VFX Boot Camp?

Locking textures to particles with Krakatoa So this again is more of a brief how to – but one of the most common questions I get asked is how to lock uv coordinates to particles, so for instance you can have a texture move and stay locked to each individual particle. So I’ve created this […]

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