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Overtime Vs Productivity PART 2

Is it worth it working extreme hours all the time, day in day out? More importantly: Are you actually getting that much done during that time?   OVERTIME VS PRODUCTIVITY: PART 2 By Allan McKay Originally Published: January 2011, Los Angeles   Foreword The reason this article was set in two parts was to put some […]

Loaded with career advice!

There’s a new interview I did with Pencil Kings (Podcast) up on iTunes You can check it out here I think this is worth checking out – it has a lot of really solid career advice all condensed down into 30 minutes, as well as a lot of other great insight, and it was a […]

Digital Tutors Interview

Not to plug myself but I recently did an interview with Digital Tutors which I strongly recommend checking it out. Because we cover a lot of really great content with both starting out in your career and setting goals. Check it out here

FX Guide’s article on Microsoft’s latest hit – DESTINY –

FX Guide recently covered our work on Destiny, the opening cinematic for one of the highest grossing video games weekend opening’s in history. I had a lot of fun VFX sup’ing this project, and I had a great team of people by my side! Read more about the article here…. Also for those of you […]

Can you keep a secret?…

Recently I had the privilege to contribute a small chapter to Michael McCarthy’s new book ‘How to cheat in 3DS Max 2015’. I had fun with this and put a lot of great information into how to build up your name and following in the industry, how to get your career steadily rising and get […]

Going after the unattainable

Readtime: 20 minutes Foreword I’ve been hesitant to publish this, on many levels, and even writing it in a lot of ways has been difficult to look back at everything. My intent for this article is not to make a “my life” story, but more to point out certain pivotal moments that changed my life, […]

CG Society – Meet The Artist – Allan McKay

Here’s a Webinar I did recently with the guys at CG Society, lots of fun and hopefully everyone found it informative! Warning:  First 2-3 minutes unfortunately start off slow as we got set up, feel free to jump ahead to [3:00] into it. And then the fun begins! Also you can view some of the […]

Interview with Allan McKay up on Sitni Sati

Recently I was interviewed by Sitni Sati (Developers of FumeFX) which I think is probably the biggest rant filled interview I’ve done to date! But a lot of fun never the less. I’ve been using FumeFX since pre-alpha, I was one of the first .. two people in the world I think to get to […]

Digital Media World Interview

INTERVIEW: Allan McKay, Catastrophic FX Posted January 22nd, 2008 – Bill Dawes, Digita Now working on Daybreakers, a $A20 million dollar film for the Spierig Brothers, we asked Allan McKay, the director of Brisbane post-production facility Catastrophic, what the future holds. DMW: Allan, you are back on home soil after spending the last few years […]

Overtime Vs Productivity PART 1

Is it worth it working extreme hours all the time, day in day out? More importantly: Are you actually getting that much done during that time?   OVERTIME VS PRODUCTIVITY: PART 1 By Allan McKay Originally Published: November 2010, New York City   Foreword This article isn’t a stab at the industry, nor should it […]

3D World Magazine Interviews Allan McKay

Just a quick update about an interview I did recently with 3D World Magazine for their ‘Meet the Artist’ Spot. This was a quick interview I was lucky enough to do with 3D World Magazine, which is one of the biggest, if not the biggest 3D News source out there! So I’m very excited to […]

Evermotion Interview

Another quick interview I had with the well known Evermotion news/Digital Asset Library site Click here to read interview Or here’s a direct link

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