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New Production Video

This video below was put together as an added bonus for my students who attended the Fume FX Pyrotechnics workshop this year. One of the many videos that are sent out privately over the mailing list. Get On My Mailing List And Get More Free Stuff forms.aweber.com/form/47/1338862147.htm Click on the link below and enter your […]

Easily scaling entire 3D scenes for FX

This tutorial is a Quick overview of what type of scale it’s good to work in (accurate world scale most of the time) and what if – especially for FX you need to scale your scene down or up to make it easier to work with. 3D Studio Max is quite sensitive to scales at […]

Allan McKay Industrial Light + Magic – Fume FX Talk

This was based on a talk I performed at ILM earlier this year demonstrating basic concepts of Fume FX and its capabilities. The talk was pretty much thrown together the night before and demonstrated on my laptop, however it should have some useful bits of information throughout it.

pflow tools box 2 intro tutorial

tutorial for 3d studio max particle flow tools box 2 intro tutorial covering the basic concepts of box 2. More to come questions – email amckay@Allanmckay.com for ideas or requests etc. Thanks! -Allan McKay

Particle Flow and Fracturing Geometry

Fracture Geometry and Explode objects with Particle Flow in 3ds max. This tutorial covers destroying objects, scripting and bringing objects into particle flow to be dynamically animated.

emitting from 3D Texture Volumes

Quick example of emitting from 3D procedural textures to create volumetric patterns in 3D space. Useful for creating anything from fire to nebulas and other interesting effects. We also touch on baking out the initial positions to improve simulation/creation times, as well as piping this information into Krakatoa.

Locking textures to particles with Particle Flow & Krakatoa

This is a very brief tutorial just explaining the simple process of generating particles and having them adopt their mapping coordinates off of their emitter object, and then lastly pathing them through Krakatoa as well. So this way particles adopt the texture of their emitter object and lock onto each individual particle.

Creating Explosions with Afterburn 4.0

There’s dozens of ways to build explosions, this is one approach where we utilize the explode daemon to develop the look of an explosion and create the entire effect without any keyframes for use later as a procedurally triggered explosion.

Scripting your own FX preset tool (basic version)

Previously we discuss pflow’s preset tool, but what if we want to make our own? And what if we want to give it controls so we can configure all our fx from an interface and hit a button to generate the desired effect? This is the introductory version, and we will look at building a […]


3D Studio Max 2010 presets

Here we take a look at 3D Studio Max’s new FX elements, over 100+ pflow sample files that ship with max to help give you ideas on how to build more robust effects. The sample files are relatively simple however structured to demonstrate a concept, which many of these are used on a much more […]

customizing 3ds max interface beyond the basics

In this tutorial we cover how to customize a lot of 3dsmax’s UI, there are dozens of ways we can change and really make max work to our benefit here, as well as basic scripting buttons and other interesting things that you may not know about!

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