Episode 9 – Work from home – Todd Sheridan Perry

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I jumped at the chance to talk with Todd about this subject, as it’s one I plan to cover later this month! Todd has major success working on projects ranging from The Lord of the Rings all the way through to X-files, Final Destination 5, 2012, The Mist, and dozens of others. He’s a major source of talent nad also having worked in this industry for over two decades! The best thing by far, is that a majority of the work he does now is all from home – I love this story because it’s a perfect example of both success and creating freedom in your workplace. Quitting the typical 9-5 and freeing yourself up to work for yourself gives you many options.

DEFINITELY check this episode out – it’s a long one but full of priceless advice and a case study of the best common shade trees company! I will be following up too later this month with a lot of additional information from my perspective as a more how-to guide.

What is your plans for 2015? Throughout December I am going to be posting THREE episodes per week regularly to help jump start your career in visual effects and for those who are hungry for more, to really raise your game and hit all of your goals. This month is going to be a chance for you to transform your career and your life – get ready Wednesday as I post the first episode of this series that will lead you through building up your path to success in 2015!

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  • Hello Allan,
    awesome episode, congratulations.
    I’m going to follow your example and my objective to 2015 is to develop my own portfolio and to make my own studio a reality to work on commercials, for now; cause in the future I want to work for feature films and with some amazing studios like Blur.
    Thanks for the episode.

  • Hey Allan,

    great advice and insight, always take the meeting and don’t be a ….

    Midway through this year I made the decision to move my practice on from just creating assets and images for stock sites and the odd client to actively seeking more client based work and creating my own content. With the accessibility of amazon and iTunes I have published the first in a series of illustrated children’s books and my goal for next year is to move into the games industry and start developing educational apps using all the 3D content I have created in the past 10 years.

    Enjoy Vegas

    ~Looking forward to the upcoming Pods!


  • Back when I was in university I set myself the audacious goal of becoming the world’s best texture artist in 2010!

    My personal life took some massive hits immediately after university, so that schedule got somewhat derailed. Today, I do work as a texture artist, and I still have that same goal – to be the absolute best texture artist I can be. That remains a constant goal for me, also in 2015.

    In addition to that more general goal, I want to develop more confidence in my own creative voice; to that end finish one of the many personal projects I have kicking about in my desk drawer in 2015. That could be a short film, a screenplay or a book.

    Thanks for your inspiration and guidance!

  • Hey Allan
    this was a great episode, I really liked all the info and tips, not been a dick is a great one hehe.

    For next year I want to keep moving my studio forward, I want to keep doing training products, which I do for http://www.cmivfx.com and my new venture which is shaping great, game development, I love games and is the main reason I got into 3D so I finally want to get into that and hopefully release a game in 2015.


  • Really enjoyed this one, you guys have a lot of great insights which I find really valuable and motivating. I’ve read your Overtime vs Productivity article a fair few times and it really helped me boost my workflow. So I’m happy to throw my goals into the mix, it can’t hurt. I was in film two years ago. Since then I’ve been generalist in advertising, and while it’s helped me to grow and broaden my knowledge I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to realign myself with my original goal of being the best matte painter/3d environment artist I can be and contribute to some movie magic. Bring on 2015!

  • Nelson Fernandes Junior

    Hi Allan.

    Great stuff, really good info.

    I’m a compositor in Brazil but I’m studying really hard to be good at dynamics and particles. I’m studying FUMEFX a lot, Thinking particles, Krakatoa, Maya dynamics, NParticles, etc.

    I work for a studio in Brazil as a compositor.

    My goal is to work from home. I want manage my time as I want.

    Anyway. Thanks a lot Allan.

  • Stefan Walsh

    Hello Allan.

    I love listening to these podcasts as I work. It’s very relaxing and helps me filter out noise at the workplace.
    A thing I would like is if you could post links to the Software you guys are talking about.
    Due to the fact that I’m trying to search for the software you guys are talking about just to see what it is that you’re discussing, but it isn’t always just as easy to find.

    Either way.
    Thank you for doing these. They’re amazing.
    Merry Christmas : )

  • Hi Allan,

    Great work on the podcast! I think I by now have gone through them all, starting at the latest working backwards. Great stuff!

    Would love if you did some interviews with guys in Australia 😀 Rising sun, Luma and Cutting Edge maybe?

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