Episode 8 – John Brennick – Hobbit/Apes 2

This is a great interview with extraordinary artist John Brennick for his contributions at studios like Weta and Digital domain and other studios around the globe on many high profile films including Dawn of the planet of the apes and The Hobbit 2. This is a really fun interview that covers a lot of really great insight into both burn out and finding passion in your work.

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  • Maria

    Hey Allan, i just wanted to thank you for creating these podcasts they are very insightful and important for aspiring vfx artists. I also had a couple of questions regarding the importance of how graduating students can break into the vfx industry, what can set us apart from experienced vfx artists? Should we specialize or become generalists, or be both?

  • John Brennick

    Thanks for this interview – it is strange listening to someone else with my name, being interviewed by someone who sounds like me (except for the Australian accent)! Question: my son is learning animation using Adobe Animation; is Adobe Animation used a lot in the film, advertising and video game industries? Thanks!

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