How to build the ultimate reel to land your dream job

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After the first ‘Review my Reel’ session was a total success with over 100 people attending, this episode follows the momentum of this and discusses a lot of advice on what we are all doing with our reels that we probably shouldn’t, as well as key things to keep in mind – who your target audience is and how to maximize playability and have people watch your reel all the way through, and in the right mindset.

This episode is jam-packed with key information to make the most out of all of your hard work and maximize the chances of landing your dream job!


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  • That was the most useful podcast I’ve ever heard yet! I’m planning for a reasonable structure to make myself be seen on the network, and honestly this one was one of the most important information containers I’ve found! Thank you very much dear Mr.McKay.

  • Hi Allan,

    Loved the episode!

    I myself am about to build my first compositor reel (junior), having 10 years experience in arch viz using max, vray, corona etc I would LOVE to shift my career towards compositing, or compsiting/lighting and with that seems to come nuke, maya, vray/arnold.

    I think I understand what makes a good reel, but entering an area where I on paper have 0 professional experience makes things really tricky. My biggest issues are that I don’t have assets, art direction, storyboards etc to comp some crazy short or the like, but I am instead trying to come up with a short simple reel / example that shows I understand the basics of key techniques / tools commonly used to these tasks.

    Tasks/skills I am trying to show, is things like green screen, roto, tracking, cgi into real footage comping and multi layer comping.

    I don’t know if you have any time or opinion on what you think is THE most key thing a 0 experience junior compositor reel should have? but if so it would be MUCH appreciated! Anyone else on these forums who have any tips, also much appreciated!

    Thanks again guys!


  • Thanks a Lot Allan !!

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