Dawn of the Zombies… a great episode on film making

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Alf is a 3D artist and film maker in Norway, partner of the vfx studio Gimpville.

Recently Alf has completed an epic 6 month journey to complete his own parody short film (trailer) called Dawn of the planet of the zombies and giant killer plants on some serious acid (phew!), entirely by himself. Utilizing Maya, Redshift, and various other tools to render the entire 3 minute piece solo on a single machine.
Inside of this episode we go straight into a very hands on and in-depth discussion about the production of “Dawn”and what it takes to pull of a project of this magnitude by one artist. From balancing your day job, staying motivated and what tools and techniques used shot by shot throughout the short. What the reception of the video has been like from Vimeo Staff Pick to just under ~200,000 views in just over a single week and onto what is next.
This is an episode that everyone can take a lot away from – whether you’re an artist, a designer or even just want to make your own short film one day.
If you haven’t seen the video yet – check the show notes for a link to it as well as other great resources!


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Dawn of the planet of the zombies and the giant killer plants on some serious acid

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  • Great stuff Allan! Alf is doing exactly the kind of stuff i want to do so it was great to get some insight on his project. You pretty much asked everything i wanted to ask with a few extras that i’ll have to track him down and ask personally. Great show as always and great work Alf!


    • amckay

      Awesome! Yeah I thought it’d be fun to just dive right into the specifics on this one, it was really great to pick his brain about it all. Still blows my mind he pulled it all off on a single PC! Pretty inspiring

    • Hi George,

      thanks – and thanks to Allan to take the time for this interview! Cheers!

      Oh – If anyone ( or you George ) have some questions, feel free to use the contact form on my webpage.

      Hail from the Viking land,
      Alf Lovvold

  • Hey Allan. Awesome interview! I love that I was able to learn about some software I’d never heard of before. I’m currently looking into Redshift because of this interview. Once they fully integrate it into 3DS Max, it may end up being my goto renderer. I’m working on a short right now, so this could end up being a life saver 🙂

  • Very motivating!!

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