Episode 35 – Starting your own Visual Effects Studio

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This episode we dive right into what it takes to launch your own studio. Such a big subject and so much to cover – if you want to know leave a comment below #Iwanttoknowmore! and I will gladly put together a step by step episode series on the business strategy and steps necessary involved in launching a visual effects studio!


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  • I’ve got to say I have so much respect for you, for putting this out. I’ve worked in the industry and of course while still keeping my company on the side and while “in” I noticed how secretive people are and it annoyed me so much. Its like instead of working in a room with a bunch of artist, you are working with a bunch of businessmen and women who believe i’m going to steal their advancement if I knew too much. So Thank you for this!

    There were so many points you made that I may have speculated about the way to approach it if it came up and now I have a better feeling knowing that what I felt in the way of handling it is actually a suggested way and also variables to look out for that I may have overlooked. I’m currently half way through my masters, I graduate in Feb with an MS in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University which is also where I got my Bachelors in Computer Animation and much of what you talked about is the type of ethics we go over. So its great to know we aren’t shooting too far off from reality. Since i’ve been back home and working my company a bit more fulltime while in school and now waiting for the Mentorship to start, I’ve already readjusted my rates, set them to where I feel more comfortable with and at first I thought it would scare away my clients, but actually they’ve gained more respect and I haven’t gotten a no. There is still room for improvement but hearing your podcast def helps understand the methodology a bit more and takes away some of fears of not knowing.

    Thank you again!

  • Hey Allan,

    Brilliant podcast, thank you very much 🙂 Very insightful.

    It is such a minefield, the whole bidding process, as well as just starting up a company, this has really helped clear up things for me, hopefully other people feel the same way too !:)


  • Tim Higgins

    Wow another solid podcast sir! I appreciate the relaxed straight forwardness in your approach. I would like to know more, so keep it going.

    -Tim Higgins

  • Hey Allan,

    Quick question. Every once in a while i get approach to bid a job, but based from a script, not from an edit, or even a storyboard. How would you do that? I know you cant really give a proper bid, but an estimate of sorts?

  • Nick Fletcher

    This is fantastic!


  • Im just discovering this months after the fact, but this is amazing! Im just starting my own small time studio and #IWantToKnowMore !

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