Episode 24 – Sol Rogers – Virtual Reality Specialist

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Sol Rogers, all round nice guy and super knowledgeable on all things VR! This episode we dive into what Rewind FX – Sol’s company has been able to pull off in the realm of Virtual Reality for massive clients from Red Bull, Lexus, and just many many massive events worldwide.

This is such a great and insightful episode into an area we all feel we know a ‘little’ but don’t really quite understand what is currently going on in VR or where it’s headed. The tech, the big players, the process and the business end.

From Unreal Tech to Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens, we discuss how studios such as Rewind FX are currently developing many of their productions and taking advantage of a lot of the amazing technology available. I had such a great time doing this episode, as I’ve secretly been obsessed with the idea of VR for some yet have absolutely no experience with it. So this is a chance to dive in and get schooled on such an amazing and up and coming industry that is surely going to change how we live our lives, forever!

Rewind FX

Oculus Rift

Microsoft Hololens

Career Opportunities @ Rewind FX!

Red Bull Air Race

Canon London Fashion Week Experience

Lexus NX Experience

Allan McKay speaking at It’s ART Master Class in Paris March 14



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  • Hi Allan!
    great interview, I love VR and I tried Oculus for maybe 1 min, it was amazing, really, great stuff , after that I had headache for another 2 hours but definitely I will buy Oculus! 😉

  • Sav

    Great episode, would love to hear some more game related topics 🙂

  • This episode really took off to another dimension (no pun intended). Very informative.
    Thank you Allan.

  • amckay

    Thanks guys! I will be putting up part 2 of Sol’s episode this weekend, and I’ll be glad to angle more episodes to do with this subject soon!

  • thanks for the comments guys, glad you found it informative. Pop any detailed questions here and I will try to answer then as best I can. 🙂

  • Joel Floris

    Hey Allan….Brilliant! I am working on making Oculus experiences down her in NZ, and I found this very informative. I will try and apply for a job at Rewind, they sound amazing! Congratulations on all the other episodes as well, they are all very helpful and exactly what I need.

    • amckay

      Thanks Joel! Hope everything is going well over there! Let’s definitely catch up next time you’re in LA, I’m bummed last time didn’t work out!

  • Fantastic Episode. Takes me off in so many directions on how VR will explode in the next few years. Its like the birth of the internet – everything will change.
    Watching it happen will be amazing but being apart of it is far far better, I’m rushing to jump on the train ahead of the curve. As professional animator I’m drawn to story capabilities of this, what companies are trying, and also fields completely different than movies. Any idea what studios will need animators now?

    Magic Leap, Steam, Rewind are at the forefront. Looking forward to the next episode and hearing more from you about this. Keep it up Allan!

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