Episode 22 – Tobin Kirk, Executive Producer for Blind Design Agency

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Episode 22 is epic! Check it out! Everything from discussing careers, hiring artists, scheduling, bidding and budgets through to more heavier into the production side of film and design projects, crazy Matt Damn stories (well not too crazy) and everything in-between. We cover everything from Coldplay music videos to The girl with the dragon tatoo and beyond!

Tobin has had an exciting career working on many high profile projects with many high profile studios.


Lilac Wine Commercial from Blind

Coldplay Ink – Music Video

The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

BL:ND Design Agency

Tobin Kirk




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  • Brian

    Great stuff as always Allan! I’d just like to put in a request for something that you mention in passing every so often- generating a passive income on the side. Would love to hear more about some tips/strategies you employ. I think most anyone wouldn’t mind to have a few extra bucks at the end of the day, as you know money is what gives people flexibility and options.. Thank you so much for what you’re doing with this podcast, every episode is packed with amazing content.


    • amckay

      Thanks Brian! I’ve actually been working on this in the background for a while, it’s such a big subject so I want to cover it fairly in-depth! But don’t worry it is coming!

  • Woah – What a dynamic episode. You guys kept calling it random, but I think it touched on so many topics that was so obscured otherwise. It was a great podcast.
    Thank you Allan, and Tobin.

  • Tobin Kirk

    Govind, thanks for your positive feedback. It was a fun show to do and evidently it went well and Allan has invited me back – stay tuned.

    • Cant wait 🙂
      Love to hear a producer’s side of things

  • Truly a epic episode covering a vast amount of topics.
    I really enjoyed the motivation it gave, to have you guys in the background while I am in the crunch.
    And especially the part about the clients, producers and managers, as i have my self been on both sides the last 10 years.
    “The ambition is High, but the Budget is Low” 🙂

    I am staying tuned Tobin, so thank you in advance for doing a show more (free alcohol, awesome)
    and congrats on the success of the show Allan.

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