Episode 17 – Building your brand and defining your niche!

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This is one of the most critical episodes so far in our journey to grow our career and multiply our successes. Something so critical yet overlooked, is defining our name and our niche and building our brand. Associating ourselves in a way that will resonate with others and key ways to introduce ourselves that will stay with your audience and grow your job prospects.

This episode we learn to make ourselves more than just an artist or an employee but to strategically build our name and reputation up, and consolidate our efforts and focus onto one outcome, building a our brand.


  • Hi Allan,
    Thanks so much for this. This came at a really good time for me as I’m currently trying to define my niche. Honestly, I just want to be working in a studio in this field…so I would take anything to get started. My niche could be “coffee runner” if a studio wanted me to be. But seriously, what do you recommend going after? I’m not necessarily great at any one thing right now and I’m taking a variety of classes online. There’s 3 areas I really love: dmp, compositing, and fluid simulation. Are you saying to pick one to describe myself but continue learning all or…should I just pick one and focus on that alone? Really…I think getting my foot in the door at a studio would tell me everything I need to know. Right now I love the different areas I’m learning about. Anyways, sorry for the verbal diarrhea. Any advice would be great. Thanks again. These episodes have been AMAZING!

  • Nathan Alexander

    This is going to be intersting, because I did concept art and modeling in school. My first industry job is prop modeling.But for the past year Im realizing that its really fx and python is the areas I want to excel in. I guess the rebranding has to start sooner than later. Thanks for the advice Allan. I will put it to good use.

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