Episode 16 – A reflection on 2014, and lessons learned from successes and my failures

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This episode is a look back at my year and what I accomplished, as well as a lot of very valuable lessons I’ve learned along the way, including areas I failed and what I have taken from that. A lot of valuable information I’ve taken from this experience and how I can apply this to 2015.

The most valuable piece is a overview of the 3-6-3 mindset which is how I personally have owed a lot of my success as well as how I have defined a lot of my goals and lifestyle around. Really great and valuable information that will ensure you hit your goals in 2015 but also your BIGGER goals further down the road to position yourself in the career and lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of!

HAPPY 2015!!!

  • pao

    hey allan, thanks for the wonderful insight on how to genuinely reject projects. I definitely learned a lot from this podcast. cheers!

  • Well done for talking about this stuff. If you’re looking for a collaborator for these talks on industry balance and finances give me a shout.

  • Hi Allan! I could not follow your podcast and courses recently cause I am experiencing something a bit like overwork since months. But the break is coming soon and I’m starting to say NO too. I need a break. So funny I just took some time working while listening to this one.

    About your courses TD trans and FX TD mentorship, are they available for download entirely or what? If I take a break long enough I may want to follow those. There are some links saying we can download them for free but it seems it just subscribe us to your mailing lists. I find it not very clear about how many videos are actually in those courses and how to get them. I preferred how you presented your stuff in the past with less marketing texts and clearer info about your tutorials and how to get access to them. But I still have great interest in your tuts and your work.

    Please keep up the good work!

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